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Registering for the Training Partner Program (TPP)

Become a member of our Training Partner Program by completing the following application. Keep in mind, Pearson is only able to review and process complete applications.

Before completing the application, please review the TPP Terms and Conditions.

Once approved as a TPP member, test kits, additional protocol/record forms, reports, and other items published by Pearson, and for which you qualify, may be purchased at the special training rate.

When purchasing, please be prepared to use a university or institution PO or credit card. Purchase orders can be faxed to 1-800-232-1223, or you may call 1-800-627-7271 to place an order. Be sure to include the name of the professor or training director who is the approved Training Partner member, and note the appropriate effort or promo code. When you calculate your total, please include the appropriate TPP savings on your items (subject to TPP Terms and Conditions.)

If you are registering for the TPP, and will be requesting that students enrolled in a specific class purchase test materials, then please make sure that the course number, syllabus, required materials list, and a list of registered students accompanies your application (or is faxed to the attention of the Training Partner Program Qualifications team at 800-232-1223). Please remind students that:

  • Only materials required for the class may be purchased under this program, and
  • They will need to reference the instructor name and promotional code when ordering.

Important Requirements
This application must be completed by the professor or training director who is agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. Please note that application will be required every two years.

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Course Information (Please complete for College/University Courses)

Please provide information for the courses you are teaching

1. Information for First Course:

*Course Acronym 
*Course Number 
*Course Name 

2. Information for Second Course:

*Course Acronym 
*Course Number 
*Course Name 

3. Information for Third Course:

*Course Acronym 
*Course Number 
*Course Name 

Other training information – Please describe the training scope and sequence in which the materials will be used. (A syllabus/internship scope and sequence may also be attached as documentation.)

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If yes (You are the Training Director of a University-based clinic), complete this section):

 Operated by a training program
 University-operated clinic and internship

 25% of the time
 50% of the time
 75% of the time
 90% of the time
 $10 or less
 $11 to $25
 $26 to $50
 $100 or less
 $101 to $200
 $201 to $300
 $301 to $500
 25% of the time
 50% of the time
 75% of the time
 >90% of the time
 $25 or less
 $26 to $75
 $76 to $100
 $101 and greater

If you are the Training Director of an APA, APPIC, or CDSPP Internship Program, please complete the following questions:

 < 2 interns
 3-5 interns
 6-10 interns
 10+ interns
 Only me
 Up to 2 additional staff members
 Up to 4 additional staff members
 5 or more additional staff members
 Forensic Psychology



Pearson is committed to maintaining professional standards in testing as presented in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing published by the AERA, APA, and NCME. If you have not done so recently, please also establish your qualification level to ensure that you meet the criteria necessary to purchase these tests. To view the Pearson qualification policy and levels, click here.

*Qualification Level you are requesting:

Valid license or certificate issued by a state regulatory board (for example, Clinical Psychologist, School Psychologist, Speech and Language Pathologist, CCC, LP, LPC, LCSW or other):


Highest professional degree attained:

Additional Training Courses:

 Yes, completed coursework
 No, didn't complete coursework

 Graduate level
 Undergraduate level
Participation in related Pearson-approved workshop related to your request:

I Agree that:

  • I have provided accurate information on this application with respect to program information and clinic fee policies.
  • I am qualified to properly use any Pearson products I order, and I have provided Pearson with only accurate and true qualification information.
  • Any Pearson assessments or intervention materials purchased under my TPP account will be used by me and/or trainees under my supervision.
  • Any Pearson assessments or intervention materials purchased under my TPP account will be used solely for training purposes.
  • Any Pearson test products purchased under my TPP account will be used in accordance with all applicable legal and ethical guidelines.
  • I have read and hereby apply Pearson terms and conditions to all orders for my account and will abide by the Pearson TPP Terms and Conditions and Qualification Criteria web pages.

   Please check this box in order for your application to be processed.